Frankie Cocozza boasts of sexual conquests

Frankie Cocozza may want to make sure he carries around plenty of condoms when out on the town, as the former X Factor star has claimed he is making the most of his new-found fame by bedding plenty of beauties.

The 19-year-old, who recently appeared on Channel 5's Celebrity Big Brother alongside famous faces such as Denise Welch and Michael Madsen, said he is on course to sleep with 200 women in a year - as he currently gets down and dirty with at least four babes every week, the Daily Star reports.

Cocozza explained he always ends up in the sack with a young lady whenever he plays a gig or attends a party, noting: "It's so easy to get them to shag you. After you've been on TV for two minutes everyone wants to get in bed with you - it's ridiculous."

The singer added he has had a number of threesomes in his time and claimed he would love to get up to some naughty bedroom antics with a woman in her 60s.