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An innovative way to inform young people of the need to practice safe sex is being undertaken in Australia, with attendees of the Mountain Sounds Festival in New South Wales (NSW) receiving free STI checks.

The Daily Mail reports the organisers of the annual music event have set up an exclusive VIP area for festivalgoers who are willing to be STI-tested.

For the small fee of a cup of urine, young people at the festival have been given access to a hygienic toilet, phone charging station, an exclusive glitter bar and the chance to talk to health professionals about their sexual experience.

It's a move designed to open the eyes of young people to the dangers of sex without a condom, with the advantage of helping to screen those who take part and giving them peace of mind over their sexual health.

Indeed, head of the NSW STI program unit Dr Chris Bourne told the news provider: "Music festivals are a great opportunity to reach people aged between 15 and 29 to help normalise STI testing and remind them that condoms are the best way to stop the spread of HIV and STIs."

Understanding the risks associated with sex without a condom is important for all young people, and offering festivalgoers - who tend to fall into this age range - exclusive perks in exchange for information on how to achieve safer sexual practices is a great way to engage with this group.

Condoms can be a powerful tool in limiting the spread of many sexually-transmitted infections, including chlamydia, gonorrhoea and syphilis, as well as more serious conditions like HIV.