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A condom has sparked a row after its misleading packaging appears to encourage people to have sex without consent.

The package features a doughnut followed by the text 'go further without consent'. Many people have shared concerns that the doughnut is not a clear enough reference for 'do not' and instead appears to support non-consensual sex.

The uproar has been further escalated as the condoms were being handed out to students on campus, where sexual assaults are already a major concern.

A number of students took to Twitter to share their thoughts about the packaging and badly designed marketing from a contraception company.

The condoms, sold by Say It With A Condom, allows people to customise the packaging of contraception and many are supposed to discourage users from committing sexual assault. It says 'consent condoms' are intended to 'start a conversation about how to ask for consent before engaging in any sexual activity'.

Previously, the brand has been praised for encouraging open conversations about sex and have worked with companies as big as Google and Cosmopolitan. However, the latest stunt may have seriously missed the mark.

After seeing the negative reaction online, the company removed the condom from the website and promised to be more savvy with their designs moving forward.

Speaking to Cosmopolitan, the company’s founder Benjamin Sherman said it would now be asking social media followers for their thoughts before launching new packaging designs.

He also added that, while the packaging was misleading, he was pleased that the matter of sexual consent was now being discussed.

“By way of the design, we're continuing the conversation about how important it is to ask for consent before engaging in any sexual activity," he said.

However, many are still concerned that the brand may have still had a damaging impact among young students who were given the condoms on campus.