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New figures have revealed that there is a growing trend when it comes to women being bought sex toys by friends. A recent survey has found that almost two-thirds of women aged 35 and under have been bought their very first sex toy by a female friend.

Results from a survey of 2,000 women revealed that 65 per cent of women were given their first sex toy by a friend, with birthdays - particularly 21st - being popular reasons to give vibrators and dildos to gal pals.

The survey - from LELO - also found that only three per cent of women aged 60 and over received their first sex toy from a friend. However, 47 per cent of this age group did get given their first toy by a lover, suggesting that times may have changed when it comes to who knows about your sex life.

It was found that the most popular gift for women to give their female friends were clitoral stimulators, which could be because they serve as a gentle introduction into the world of sex toys.

As sexual attitudes become more open, it is unsurprising that more women are discussing their sex lives with friends as well as partners. This increased level of comfort when it comes to talking about sex could be the reason more friends feel happy to purchase sex toys for friends, whether as a joke or as a serious gift.

Sex toys are a great idea for young women to explore what they enjoy in the bedroom, both with a partner and on their own. Knowing what sensations help you reach climax can help to shape the way you have sex with others, ensuring that pleasure is equal.

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