Gay men in Edinburgh have 'complacent attitude to condoms'

Gay men in Edinburgh may want to buy condoms online after research discovered 92 people tested positive for HIV last year in the city.

Experts observed "complacency" among the city's gay men when it comes to wearing condoms has crept in, which is making the threat of HIV spreading worse, the Edinburgh Evening News reports.

Since health officials in the area starting monitoring the disease in the 80s, nearly 2,500 individuals have been diagnosed.

The figures were released by Health Protection Scotland and highlights not enough people are using safe sex methods such as condoms.

"Gay men are still the most likely to be infected by the illness, though heterosexual men are increasingly at risk, which has prompted warnings from sexual health organisations," the news provider remarked.

It comes after an article in the San Francisco Chronicle encouraged homosexuals to use femidoms when having intimate relations in order to reduce HIV concerns.