Gay men 'not always using condoms'

Gay men who go on to the web to find love are more likely to use condoms than those who are merely looking for carnal encounters, newly-released research has found.

Jose Bauermeister, assistant professor at the University of Michigan School of Public Health and director of the Sexuality and Health Research Lab, said that the information is good for HIV-prevention counsellors.

Dating sites for homosexuals are no longer seen as places that males frequent to find like-minded individuals to sleep with.

"The takeaway here is just because I go online doesn't mean I'm engaging in risk. It's what kind of partner I'm looking for [that matters]," Mr Bauermeister observed.

Those who are using the prophylactic will be at a vastly reduced risk of collecting a sexually transmitted infection.

Earlier this month, a study by Pediatric Academic Societies found young black men who have intercourse with members of the same sex are twice as likely to contract HIV than Hispanic and white men.