George Clooney 'is dream sexual partner for British women'

George Clooney is the guy that most women in Britain would choose if they were able to pick one man to have sex with.

This is according to a new poll from erotic publisher Totally Bound, which revealed The Ides of March and Burn After Reading actor is the majority of British women's dream sexual partner.

The US heartthrob faces stiff competition in Scotland, however, as Australian hunk Hugh Jackman is the number one choice for females north of the border.

It was also shown that British women are becoming increasingly adventurous in the bedroom, with almost 70 per cent of respondents claiming they are willing to experiment between the sheets. This might include spicing things up with sex toys such as vibrating cock rings or bringing food into the equation.

A spokesperson for Totally Bound said: "We've conducted extensive research to thoroughly understand what UK women want when it comes to real and imagined sex."