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The popularity of sex toys has grown immensely over the past few decades, as people decide to abandon the taboo associated with using them.

If you're not a newbie to the world of sex toys, it's likely that you have a favourite item. Whether you opt for a classic vibrator or something a little more spicy, there's something out there to suit your tastes and once you find it, you're likely to keep going back.

What attracts us to sex toys - a lot like partners - is usually down to personal preference. We all have our own set of criteria when it comes to making a new purchase - whether for the bedroom or not - and that's often what makes it so exciting.

But have you ever wondered what others opt for?

FEMAIL has revealed that the fairly simple kegel ball is one of the most popular sex toys on the market, which it largely attributed to the success of TV and film series 50 Shades of Grey.

The lifestyle brand spoke to sex and relationship expert Dr Nikki Goldstein about why sex toys could hold the secret to a happier and healthier sex life.

She explained that products like the kegel ball can be a great way for women to improve their pelvic floor muscles, which can be a particular problem after having a child. It can also help females who are experiencing incontinence issues that are incredibly common and normal for older women.

"An added bonus is that it can intensify an orgasm," Dr Goldstein told FEMAIL. "When we have orgasms we need blood flow, which makes us more sensitive. The more we can exercise the muscle, the more blood flow we have in that area, and if you are doing kegel exercises it makes the feeling more intense."

The boom in sex toy popularity should make us all feel less embarrassed about talking about our sex lives, especially if there are areas you are concerned or worried about.