Getting a takeaway 'often leads to sex'

Couples who order a takeaway might also want to make sure they are in good supply of condoms, judging by the results of a new survey.

Commissioned by Just Eat, the study revealed those who decide to stay in watching TV with a Chinese or Indian meal on their lap are more likely to have sex than those who go out for a romantic dinner.

The poll - which included 2,000 British adults - revealed couples who opt for a takeaway are also more likely to get frisky between the sheets than those who stay in and cook their own meal.

And it seems the thought of having food delivered to their door turns on many Brits, as 14 per cent admitted to having sex while waiting for their order to arrive.

Graham Corfield, chief executive of Just Eat, said: "When you free yourself from the burden of cooking, you have time for much better things."