Giant condom character 'educating' revellers in Birmingham

Clubbers in the West Midlands may be surprised to see a giant person-sized cartoon condom walking the streets at night handing out contraceptives to revellers.

Beer Goggles Johnny has been created by specialists at Birmingham Heartlands Department of Sexual Health in the hope of promoting safe sex, the Birmingham Mail reports.

Dr John Watson, of Heartlands HIV Service, said: "Johnny and his humorous slogans are a colourful means of catching the attention of people not always on the lookout for the latest sexual health advice."

The giant pink cartoon character is designed to promote three messages; the importance of using condoms, the dangers of excessive alcohol and the benefits of regular screening for sexually transmitted infections.

Dr Watson warned that one in four people who have HIV are unaware they have contracted the condition and may be spreading it to others without realising.

Beer Goggles Johnny was first introduced in the summer and encouraged people to use contraceptives while on holiday abroad.