Giant condom to cover Amsterdam landmark

A landmark building in Amsterdam is to be covered by a giant condom to raise awareness about the importance of safe sex.

The Stop Aids Now! organisation is to drape the Munt tower in the Netherlands city with a 35-metre prophylactic ahead of World Aids Day on Thursday December 1st.

It is to be rolled down over the building by actors from the youth television series SpangaS and it is hoped the move will highlight the need for greater education regarding the prevention of HIV and Aids.

Following the stunt, the performers will also hand out red Aids ribbons and autographed condoms to those passing by.

The sheath is to remain on the tower until the night time, but the national campaign Education Saving Lives will continue until December 6th, with bus shelters carrying the safe sex message.

Stop Aids Now! was formed in 2000 when Aids Fonds joined forces with the Dutch organisations ICCO, Cordaid, Hivos and Oxfam Novib.