Good sexual health 'important to adult entertainment industry'

An adult entertainment company has come out in support of good sexual health practices, which may include the use of condoms.

Brazzers, one of the largest adult studios, noted that it tests its performers on a regular basis for sexually transmitted infections, with a clean bill of health required in order to work.

"There is a general lack of awareness about the adult entertainment industry and what is practiced in front of the camera," a worker from the company said.

It comes as the Get Rubber! scheme launched its third public service video, which is aiming to encourage people to wear condoms when having sex.

Six adult movie stars are featured in the short film refusing to have intercourse with a group of men because they do not have the prophylactic device with them.

"The Get Rubber! campaign aims to remind viewers to use condoms," the director of production for Brazzers observed.

Roland Hulme, writing in the Sex Is magazine, recently said communication is invaluable when it come to the issue of precautions in the industry.