Good2Go? New app helps people find consensual sex

Sex and technology have crossed paths a number of times in the past few years, and a new app aims to continue this trend. 'Good2Go' is a brand new program that is designed to prevent cases of 'blurred lines' surrounding sexual consent, in a bid to make university campuses safer.

The app is simple. One partner hands their phone to another, and they record their name and number and whether they are 'Good2Go'. They simply have to select from three options: "I'm Good2Go", "Yes, but...we need to talk" and "No thanks". If they select yes, a second question will come up regarding their sobriety.

The point of all this is to prevent cases where one or more of the people involved in a sexual act are confused about consent. This way, if two people have sex there is a concrete record of them both having said they are consenting.

If either person has a different idea of what is going on, this app will hopefully clear things up as well. If your partner selects "No thanks", you know you have been misinterpreting their signals and can avoid any awkward situations.

One of the app's creators, Lee Ann Allman, told Slate magazine that she had talked to a lot of young people about sexual assault on campuses. They told her they are "very aware of what's happening, and they’re worried about it, but they’re confused about what to do. They don’t know how they should be approaching somebody they’re interested in."

However, the app has its fair share of critics. Some have pointed out that consent is something that should be discussed openly rather than going through an app, while others are of the opinion that the software is open to abuse by people who could just record that someone has consented to sex, even if they have not.

Keeping sex safe is a very difficult issue, and while the app is certainly well-meaning there are other ways of going about it. Talking to your partner is essential to make sure they know what is going on, are okay with it and - of course - that they have a condom or another form of protection.