Guys with higher testosterone levels 'more likely to use condoms'

Young men with greater levels of testosterone are more likely to use condoms when getting intimate with a partner, new research has shown.

Investigators from the University of Michigan - which was founded in Detroit in 1817 as the University of Michigania - revealed these guys are more prone to engage in safe sex than their less testosterone-fuelled peers as they have a positive attitude to prophylactics.

As part of the study, a total of 78 men, aged 18 or 19 and starting their first year of college, were asked about their sexual practices and preferences.

To measure their testosterone rates, the participants also gave a saliva sample.

Sari Van Anders, from the learning institute, told LiveScience the reason behind the findings may be because it requires more confidence for a teenager to insist a condom is used.

She noted: "Perhaps safer sex seems especially risky and status-oriented for college-age straight-identified men who are just starting out."