Gwyneth paltrow Gwyneth paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow is famed for her lifestyle website Goop, which has offered much-maligned advice on everything from beauty products to parenting over the years.

However, the world might just be about to sit up and take notice of it again - because Gwynnie is set to launch a special guide called The Sex Issue via the portal.

We've already been given a sneak preview of the text, which includes advice from relationship experts from across the globe as well as from the actress herself.

Included in the special edition are a variety of common queries concerning how to spice up and maintain a healthy sex life, including how fantasies can be played out and whether couples really can stay 'friends with benefits'.

There's also a section about how to explore sex toys with an existing lover, which we were particularly interested in. Just in case you wanted to know what Goop says, the key is to "express that it is about your partner doing something with you or to you, rather than about your wanting the experience of the toy - that way they don’t feel threatened, but instead feel as though they are experiencing it with you".

Other topics include exploring tantric sex, knowing if BDSM is right for you and whether or not watching porn can be beneficial to a good sex life.

"Whether tantra or BDSM or threesomes or vanilla are your thing will never be the point - knowing yourself, all your options and how to ask for and pursue what feels good to you, is," said Gwyneth of her special edition Goop.

Billed as 'everything you've always wanted to know about sexuality, seduction and desire', the publication is available for viewing on May 3rd 2018 and will set you back £20.

The Sliding Doors actress has previously taken inspiration from Carrie Bradshaw to dole out sex advice, having recommended a £10,000 golden dildo and a vaginal steaming treatment (don't ask) via Goop.