Half of male UK drivers 'have had sex in their car'

Car owners in the UK may want to ensure they carry condoms in their glove compartment after new research revealed many people use their vehicles as a place to have sex.

The Confused.com poll found that while 37 per cent of female motorists have got down and dirty on the back seat, half of male road users have done the same.

It appears Welsh drivers are the horniest of all, with 52 per cent admitting to making love in a motor - markedly higher than the 35 per cent recorded for Londoners.

According to the findings, women find men who drive Audis to be the sexiest of all motorists, while males are most attracted to females who own a Mini.

Gareth Kloet, head of car insurance at Confused.com, said: "The results of this demonstrate that we truly are a nation of car lovers in every sense of the word."