Harrow youngsters taught about sexual health

Young people in Harrow are being informed of the benefits of safe sex.

The C Card system is designed to see condoms handed out and knowledge of sexual health imparted, the Harrow Times reports.

Youth Stop Hygeia House, the Healthy Living Centre and Stanmore College are the three locations where teenagers can sign up for the scheme if they are looking to find out about the benefits of practising safe sex.

Those looking for the prophylactic devices can also go to Youth Stop Hygeia House.

It comes after the Vancouver Sun revealed a number of studies have found safe sex in a monogamous relationship can have a beneficial effect on people's health.

Neuropsychologist Dr David Weeks from Scotland's Royal Edinburgh Hospital found those who indulge in the pastime can take as much as ten years off their appearance due to the release of dopamine and a human growth hormone.

Individuals may want to buy condoms online due to this research.