Harry Judd 'got frisky' with Lindsay Lohan

Harry Judd has revealed he once got frisky with Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan.

However, the McFly star did not get the opportunity to use condoms with the celebrity because the pair were interrupted by Judd's bandmate Danny Jones.

The story has been told by the drummer in the group's new tell-all book Unsaid Things: Our Story, which details a number of the sexual adventures the guys enjoyed in their younger years.

Judd explained Lohan was attempting to fuel his ego by telling him she only went for musicians instead of actors, while also stating how much she liked his English accent.

Things got a bit steamier after Judd joked the pair were like Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts in the film Notting Hill.

Judd recalled: "One thing led to another. We moved from first base to second base and then, just as I was about to seal the deal, Danny walked in, 'Oh sorry, mate!'"