Harry Styles reveals sexy underwear preference

Hunky pop star Harry Styles has opened up about the type of underwear he likes his women to wear.

The flirty One Direction member - who was recently involved in a relationship with cute television presenter Caroline Flack - told the Sun he is a sucker for darker knickers.

He said: "I like my girlfriends to wear black lingerie... definitely."

And it appears the 18-year-old may soon be stocking up on extra condoms if he gets his way, as the horny singer has listed the older women he would most like to get with.

While stunning film stars Angelina Jolie and Kate Winslet made the list, accompanied by sultry model Kate Moss, there was no room on the rundown for pop royalty Madonna and Kylie Minogue.

However, Styles will have to think of some new ways in which to woo the ladies after revealing he is no good at using cheesy pick-up lines, claiming he never takes this approach and admitting: "I don't know what I do."