Has Jake Gyllenhaal been buying bulk condoms?

Purchases of bulk condoms, Durex extra safe products or even Pleasuremax prophylactics may very well be showing up on Hollywood star Jake Gyllenhaal's credit card statements this month, as the actor has apparently been researching Viagra for his latest role.

The thespian is currently working with Anne Hathaway on romantic dramady Love and Other Drugs and told NBC blog Popcornbiz that he's become very au fait with the chemical components of the treatment, as well as its side effects and how to sell it.

However, he neither confirmed nor denied giving it a whirl himself, saying: "In terms of my experience with the drug itself, I choose to keep that under wraps. Some things you have to keep to yourself."

Other famous faces who may be making use of gay condoms or other products include Sesame Street's Bert and Ernie, who - it has been suggested - are a same-sex couple.