Have an STI test, public advised

People looking for condoms online may want to consider following one writer's advice and going for a sexual health check up.

In an article for Australian publication the Star Observer, Adam Hynes encouraged individuals to book themselves in for a test to see if they are clear of any sexually transmitted infections.

He explained that Christmas is a good time to visit a clinic as many people are more sexually active during the festive season.

"To make sure you're not giving a gift that keeps on giving, like syphilis, make sure you get a sexual health check-up," he commented.

Mr Hynes reminded individuals that some conditions are symptom-less and as a result infections can be passed between partners unknowingly.

He described how getting tested is simple and can be a good way to have peace of mind that all is clear when embarking on relationships.

Following recent research into contraceptive use, Marie Stopes International vice president Tracey McNeill encouraged women to think carefully about using protection over the Christmas period.