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Having sex could help you feel as though your life is more meaningful. This might sound dramatic, but it's the discovery of a new survey by researchers at George Mason University in the US.

The team recruited 152 college students and asked them to keep a record of their sexual behaviour in the form of a daily diary, including their emotions and feelings, for three weeks.

Each diary was then assessed for positive feelings, mood and how meaningful people generally rated their lives as being.

It was discovered that people were typically happier and able to find more meaning in their lives the day after any kind of sexual activity, whether that was full sexual intercourse or a busy session of kissing.

Importantly, the reverse wasn't true - happiness did not result in more sexual behaviour, suggesting that the link between sex and improved wellbeing is actually down to the sex itself.

Furthermore, the results didn't depend on whether or not the sex was particularly satisfying or came during a relationship, although the strongest results were noted for especially satisfying and intimate sexual contact.

The study was published in the journal Emotion and lead author Todd Kashdan told Time magazine that our inbuilt need to belong probably drives the effect of therapy without therapists.

"There is something profound about someone else giving you access to their body and accepting access to yours," he commented.

Writing in a blog post, the expert added: "What could be more affirming to another person than to willingly engage with them in the most intimate acts of human experience?"

So, the next time you're musing over the meaning of life, perhaps you just need to grab a partner and get between the sheets together.

We already know that sexual arousal sends the heart rate higher and so can contribute to better cardiovascular health, as well as lowering blood pressure and boosting the immune system.

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