Here's hoping Chloe Mafia has condoms

Fingers crossed that it was condoms a-go-go for Chloe Mafia - real name Chloe Heald - as the rejected X Factor singer apparently held a 15-man orgy yesterday (September 29th).

According to the Daily Star, she has been peddling both her wares and those of a friend on an adult website, promising to provide condoms and refreshments for all participants.

Profiling herself as Candy - and claiming to be a "sex-starved X Factor slut" - Chloe at least had safe sex at the forefront of her mind, telling all those intending to make an appearance at the "very discreet five-star location" that "protection must be worn at all times".

Such news won't be doing her reputation much good - the wannabe troubadour has had to defend herself many times since strutting her stuff on the talent show against claims that she is a prostitute.

And the 19-year-old single mother has just today told BBC Radio 5 Live that she regrets her X Factor time because of her portrayal in the media.