'High HIV rates' among Africans abroad

The necessity for using condoms for sexual intercourse has been highlighted by the increasing number of Africans abroad contracting HIV.

One such place is in the UK, where HIV prevalence is highest among African people, with 33 per cent of all new cases in 2009 involving individuals of African descent, Gender Links reports.

Furthermore, the UK Health Protection Agency, which was set up in 2003, has noted 70 per cent - more than two-thirds - of HIV-positive females in the UK were born in African countries.

Another nation with similar statistics is Canada, where the Public Health Agency predicted in 2005 that HIV rates among the country's black population was 12.6 times higher than for all other demographics.

Fola Rogers-Saliu, manager of the African Emotional Support Service at the Terrence Higgins Trust in the UK, said: "Many people still believe that having HIV is a form of punishment or witchcraft. People still live in fear, with stigma and discrimination rife."