Hilary Clinton calls for condom use uptake

Hilary Clinton has called for more people throughout the world to increase their condom use and other forms of safe sex methods.

The US secretary of state would like to see greater adoption of antiviral drugs, circumcision and other tactics to help prevent the spread of HIV and create an Aids-free generation.

Speaking at the National Institutes of Health, Ms Clinton - who was the first lady of the US when her husband Bill was president between 1993 and 2001 - observed America-led technological advances have played a big part in combating the virus.

She explained people of today have the opportunity to give those living in the future the possibility of an existence that does not feature the disease.

"An Aids-free generation would be one of the greatest gifts the US could give to our collective future," the politician went on to point out, adding that while such a goal may be ambitious, it is not impossible to achieve.