HIV case numbers increasing in NI

The importance of safe sex and always using a condom has been underlined by new findings that show the number of HIV cases in Northern Ireland (NI) is on the rise.

Published by the Public Health Agency (PHA), the figures revealed a 20 per cent increase on these levels throughout the country last year.

According to the study, there were 79 new diagnosis incidents in 2010, which means the total number of individuals living with HIV in Ireland climbed to 470.

Louise Herron of the PHA - which was established in 2009 - said: "People have to take some responsibility for themselves and remember to use condoms [and] limit their number of partners."

Ms Herron recommended those who feel they may be at risk should make sure they take the time to get tested sooner rather than later, adding the PHA has to keep finding novel ways to raise more awareness of the issue.