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Most of us know the best way to prevent the spread of STDs like HIV: wear a condom. It's one of the most important rules when it comes to safe sex, and most educators around the world would agree. It would be incredibly difficult to teach people about sexual health without mentioning condoms.

However, Russia seems to disagree. In fact, the nation's Ministry of Education has outright banned any mention of the word 'condom' while preparing for an online lesson on preventing the spread of HIV, leading preparation for the event to grind to a halt.

This was scheduled to occur on December 1st to line up with World AIDS Day. Schools all over Russia would watch the online lesson so the country could teach its youth the value of safe sex. Unfortunately, the Ministry of Education has thrown a spanner in the works with its insistence that saying 'condom' would be unacceptable in front of children.

As reported by RT, Sergey Bulanov, - head of the Center of Modern Education Technologies, which organizes the event - said: "We were advised to talk about morality and move away from delicate topics."

Obviously this is not the best way to prevent the spread of HIV. Luckily, the online lesson looks like it will still be going ahead. However, it will be overseen by several of Russia's government ministries.

The best way to prevent the spread HIV isn't to lecture children about morality, of course; it's to make sure you always wear a condom whenever you have sex. In order to be as sensible and safe as possible, people need to know what options are available to them and how to use them.

Good sex education, therefore, should always involve condom use. We hope that Russia comes to its senses, especially on World AIDS Day, and lets the Center of Modern Education Technologies teach children the way it knows is best.