HIV misconceptions 'still exist'

Many misconceptions still exist around HIV - the spread of which can be reduced through the use of condoms.

Brendan Hanlon, chief executive at HIV/Aids charity Avert, stated many people in the UK do not know all of the facts when it comes to the subject.

He explained this has been exacerbated through the lack of a national HIV awareness campaign since the late 1980s, meaning many years has passed since the issue was given attention on such a wide scale.

One common misunderstanding is that Aids is not a virus, rather it is a medical condition caused by HIV.

Mr Hanlon stated: "HIV attacks the immune system and can weaken it to the extent that a person is no longer able to fight infections."

His comments came in response to a study from the United Nations Programme on HIV/Aids, which showed that taking a daily anti-retroviral tablet can help reduce the likelihood that a person might acquire HIV by around 73 per cent.