HIV sufferer urges people to use condoms

A 26-year-old woman who contracted the HIV virus after having a one night stand with a man she met in a bar has urged people to wear condoms.

The Colchester woman - who has chosen to remain anonymous - issued the warning to others, saying she was horrified to be told she was positive for the illness following a blood test, the Essex County Standard reports.

"I know sometimes people think they can't be bothered with condoms, but you have to consider whether you want a lifelong illness for the sake of one night," she remarked, adding that the life expectancy of someone who is unaware they have HIV is between ten and 15 years.

She went on to state that unprotected sex is "just not worth it".

This comes after Jason Warriner of Aids charity the Terrence Higgins Trust urged people to carry condoms this Christmas, as people tend to be more relaxed over the festive season and also drink more than usual, which could increase the chances of having a quick fling.