HIV testing 'needs to become commonplace'

It has been claimed that regular HIV testing should become commonplace in Britain in order to reduce the spread of the virus, news which may be of interest to those buying condoms online

In an article for the BBC, consultant physician for sexual health and HIV at Birmingham Heartlands Hospital Dr Stephen Taylor explained that it is imperative screening is normalised.

He described how it may be a costly practice, but it is vital in reducing infection rates in the UK.

"Regular testing and getting people on treatment is likely to be one of the most powerful tools we now have to reduce ongoing transmission of HIV and its long-term impacts," Dr Taylor stated.

It was suggested that making the practice commonplace could also help work towards the £1.1 billion cost savings via prevention strategies.

NHS Online reports that at the end of 2008 an estimated 83,000 adults aged over 15 were infected with HIV in the UK.

Of these it is thought 27 per cent were unaware they were living with the virus.