Holidaymakers 'should always carry condoms'

People heading off on their holidays may want to make sure they pack plenty of condoms to help prevent them catching a sexually transmitted infection (STI).

New research from the Co-operative Pharmacy has revealed one-in-three Brits have indulged in unprotected sex while on vacation in a foreign country.

And stocking up on condoms may be something middle-aged people in particular might want to do, as the survey showed one-in-six individuals in this demographic would be willing to have a holiday fling or a one-night stand.

In addition, it was found that people of that age are also the least likely to use contraception when getting amorous in foreign climes.

Lisa McCreesh, a pharmacist at the Co-op - which has been in existence since 1844 - said: "We are urging people to remember that condoms provide the most effective protection against STIs. If you have had unprotected sex, it is important to get a check-up."