Hong Kongers 'should have more sex'

People living in Hong Kong should indulge in more between-the-sheets action, despite suggestions there is little room for privacy in the crowded city.

This is according to Emil Ng, associate director at the Family Institute of the University of Hong Kong, who noted individuals in the area have no place to have sex and are therefore known to have the least sexual knowledge around the world, the Associated Press reports.

But increasing numbers might soon be stocking up on condoms and other sexual goods if they choose to overcome the prohibitive nature of Hong Kong and try to dispose of the population's label of sexual timidity.

The expert is one of the organisers behind the Hong Kong Sex Cultural Festival, which is held jointly by the Hong Kong Sex Education Association and the Family Planning Association of Hong Kong.

"Hong Kong is always near the bottom of the list in terms of sexual frequency in those Durex annual surveys," the industry figure pointed out, adding that although the research may not be very scientific, it says a lot about the people residing in the city and their after-dark habits.