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Almost a third of items left by guests in hotel rooms are related to sex, according to a survey. It seems that 30 per cent of items accidentally left behind in hotel rooms are used during bedroom play, including fuzzy handcuffs and sex toys, reports the Irish Mirror.

The study was carried out by and included a poll of 8,000 UK hoteliers. It was found that the top item accidentally left behind by guests was electronics, with laptops, smartphones and chargers being quite common.

A couple of the more interesting sex-related items discovered by hotels after guests had checked out included a blow-up sheep and a plaster cast penis. Not only could this mean that forgetting your sex toy when you pack to go home will be disappointing, it could also be slightly embarrassing!

As well as gadgets and sex toys, the hotels reported that a number of other unusual items had been found in rooms. These include a live lizard, prosthetic leg and a jar of snails. A couple who spent their wedding night in a hotel also left their wedding rings behind upon checkout.

Andrea Tarpey from, who carried out the survey, said: “Our hoteliers are constantly amazed, and often outraged, by the things that guests routinely leave behind in their hotel rooms, with items ranging from the ordinary to the outlandish.

“The sheer variety of items left behind in hotel rooms reflects the huge range of reasons behind our customers’ breaks - and the wonderfully colourful and very different characters our hotel partners welcome into their guestrooms.”

Luckily, 26 per cent of the hotels polled send items back to guests even if they aren't asked to do so, while 70 per cent return items if the guests contact them to request that they do so.

The moral of the story is if you're taking your sex toy with you to a hotel, make sure you put it back in your suitcase at the end of your stay!