Houston women to use femidoms?

Women in Houston are to be encouraged to use the femidom as a means of protection.

This comes after it was revealed by the Aids Foundation Houston and Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast that 6,519 new HIV infections in people under 30 have been diagnosed in the city since 1999.

Nike Lukan, director of prevention services for the Aids Foundation Houston, said the organisation deals with some 50,000 individuals every year in its education programmes.

"To be able to talk about and offer [femidoms] as an option to further prevent the spread of HIV and Aids is an added benefit to our constituents," she added.

In total, 17 groups will be discussing the femidom to coincide with National Women and Girls' HIV/Aids Awareness Day.

Susan Rokes, HIV programme director for Planned Parenthood, said the availability of the prophylactic device will help with sex education for Houston, which is the fourth-largest city in the US.