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Chores aren't generally seen as something particularly sexy. Most people tend to do them to avoid living in a filthy, slobby house as opposed to making them part of foreplay.

But what if we told you that more dusting, vacuuming and scrubbing could help you to enjoy more time between the sheets with your significant other?

That's the discovery of a new survey carried out by, which asked 993 couples who were living together about their sex lives, relationship satisfaction and division of chores.

It was found that the people who divided the tasks most evenly and did them regularly were more likely to be happier and to spend the most time appreciating each other between the sheets later, Moneyish reports.

In fact, when both partners chipped in to dust and clean the bathroom, they had sex twice more per month than when one person was left to do it all. Is it the sight of those rubber gloves, perhaps?

Relationship expert Susan Winter told the publication: "When you have equality in a relationship, you tend to not have resentment. If the burdens of household chores are divided, nobody feels that they're stuck in a gender role. That's a major turn-on."

Right. We didn't think the yellow Marigolds were especially arousing...

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the couples who spent less time doing housework in general were the happiest of all. But the results of that probably won't be such a turn-on in the long term.

Although the science behind this is actually more about supporting each other than it is about household chores being sexy, we love the idea that you might be able to turn a boring part of your life into something a little more exciting.

Sex therapist Doug Braun-Harvey had some suggestions for this in an interview with CNN. He pointed out that hot, soapy water and the movement of drying dishes can mimic the kinesthetic sensations of sexual activity, so you could wash the pots together before heading to the bedroom.

And there's a whole industry built around sexy cleaning services, so why not incorporate this into your sex life? Get into a skimpy outfit (both of you, not just her!) and wander round doing some dusting and vacuuming for half an hour. You might find you're ripping off those maid and butler uniforms in no time.