How much fruit can fit in a condom?

Have you ever tried to test how many apples you could fit in one of your condoms? How about oranges? The question might sound insane, but it is something that was tried out recently in Australia.

Workers for Holroyd Youth Services, located just outside Sydney, have begun stuffing condoms with fruit in a bid to educate young people in the area. The lesson they are hoping to teach is that condoms are much bigger, stronger and more flexible than we often give them credit for.

Talking to local newspaper the Parramatta Advertiser, Holroyd Youth Services co-ordinator George Pedersen explained how he used fruits other than the classic banana to engage young people with the idea of safe sex.

He told the paper that one of the common boasts the boys often make is that condoms aren't big enough for them. It might be a shallow brag, but it's still easily disproven; especially when Mr Pederson shows them how many apples he can fit in a condom!

When they demonstrated their talent to the Parramatta Advertiser, Mr Pedersen and Alex Mobbs - a youth worker for Holroyd Youth Services - could fit between seven and ten apples in a single condom. However, they say their record is a whopping 34!

"There are a lot of myths around condoms with some people thinking ‘I’m too big for that’ or ‘it’s too uncomfortable’ so we hope to explode some of those myths," said Ms Mobbs. "They think its hilarious. It’s definitely something that resonates with them."

Of course, you probably won't need to try this at home. We wouldn't recommend you copy Holroyd Youth Services to make your own flavoured condoms! However, it does show you just how safe a condom can be, as well as how you don't need to worry too much about size!