How to ensure bulk condoms weren't a wasted purchase

Stocking up on bulk condoms may seem optimistic to some, but now a few tips have been offered to chaps the world over to ensure success in the bedroom. suggested that dirty talk could be one way of pleasing a woman between the sheets as this could stimulate her mind and then her body.

Removing all distractions such as turning off the TV and putting pet dogs in another room was also recommended, as was recognition of the fact that every lady is different.

"Know that getting a girl off involves actually thinking about her and has a variety of benefits including the actual act, feeling better, laughing hysterically and mad street cred," it was observed.

This advice could prove particularly useful given a Harris Interactive study, carried out on behalf of Durex, which revealed that a pleasure gap between the sexes exists, with 25 per cent admitting they and their partners do not enjoy fun and frolics equally.