couple_making_outOne of the main problems with sex is that we're always wondering if our habits and fantasies are normal, or if the things we're into make us unusual. Hopefully, recent research should provide some answers.

A huge survey conducted by lifestyle magazine Dazed has collected up the sexual secrets of over 10,000 people, with the aim of assessing how technology has changed our relationship with sex. Unsurprisingly, the research found that it has, by a significant amount! Almost half of the participants said it had made their lives more erotic.

However, over half said it had made sex more neurotic for them. This is surprising, as technology also seems to have made our sex lives easier. For example, around ten per cent of heterosexual people have hooked up with partners through a mobile phone app. This is even more common among homosexuals, over half of whom primarily use apps to meet people!

Meanwhile, some 50 per cent of people said they had sent naked selfies to others. This is a trend that Dazed thinks is set to grow, as it is more common with under-30s than it is with the older generation.

The survey didn't just look at technology. It also asked questions about sexual health. For example, it found that only 44 per cent of people use condoms all the time! To be fair, 46 per cent use them some of the time, leaving only ten per cent who never use condoms at all.

Gay men are much more careful about condom use, with over 50 per cent wearing them all the time and only five per cent never putting one on. However, gay women barely use protection at all - over two thirds said they never bother with it, and only 20 per cent always keep themselves safe.

Does this seem about right to you? Or do these facts completely contradict what you know about sex? Hopefully, the survey will make sense and fit in with your sexual experience.