Hundreds complain after contraceptive implant 'fails to work'

Hundreds of women have come forward with claims they managed to get pregnant despite using a contraceptive implant.

MSD, who produce the implant, have come under fire after scores of ladies complained to the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency.

However, the company has spoken out against suggestions their Implanon contraceptive is unreliable.

A spokesperson for MSD said it was "confident in the efficacy and safety" of the product and stated the number of women to fall pregnant in Britain was within the range estimated by the company for the time frame.

The UK's healthcare regulator advised women who are concerned about their implants to use condoms for extra protection.

Implanon, which is designed to stop pregnancies for up to three years, contains hormones and is inserted underneath the skin in the upper arm.

Commenting in response to the reports, lead GP for sexual health in Bradford and Airedale Dr Anne Connolly recently stated in the Bradford Telegraph and Argus that women should not panic and stop using the device.