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If you're looking to branch out from your typical dildo or vibrator when it comes to sex toys, you may want to consider anal beads.

A lot of people can get put off by this particular sex toy, but it isn't as scary as it might look or sound. In fact, anal beads can introduce you to a whole new realm of pleasure that you can enjoy on your own or with a partner.

What exactly are anal beads?

Essentially, anal beads are plastic or silicone beads, which are spaced at even intervals either along a string or stalk. You can either get styles that involve beads that are all the same size or those that go from smaller sizes to larger, which we recommend for beginners.

As you get used to using them, you can go for larger sizes gradually so as to not strain the anus or cause you any discomfort.

How do I get started?

It is a good idea to give anal beads a go on your own before trying them out with your partner. This will ensure that you are happy using them and don't find them uncomfortable.

You'll also be able to tell whether you have the right size, as well as whether you have the best insertion or extraction methods. All of this can help you use them with your partner in a much easier way.

To get started, make sure you have plenty of lubricant to hand. Apply this to each of the individual beads and to the anal area. You can then insert the beads slowly, one at a time.

What next?

Once your beads are in, they will stay out of the way so you can pleasure yourself and enjoy the unique sensation they offer. When you use them with your partner, you can engage in sexual activity together, but be sure to stop if the beads cause any discomfort.

You may want to try removing and reinserting them during sex, as many people find this pleasurable. However, you can also just leave them alone, as your muscles will tighten around them during sex, heightening your pleasure.

When you are finished, simply remove the beads slowly and clean them thoroughly.

What anal beads are on offer?

If you find that you enjoy using anal beads, there are a few other types you might want to try out. Vibrating options offer another level of pleasure that could be a great options for those who want to try being more adventurous.

You may even want to try butt plugs down the line, although it is worth noting that these and vibrating beads should only be used by those who are experienced at anal play.