Indian people using condoms for family planning

Couples in the Indian metropolis of Pune prefer to use condoms as a contraceptive method over any other type.

This is according to research carried out by the Pune Municipal Corporation's (PMC) city family welfare bureau, the Indian Express reports.

It found that out of 117,000 eligible couples, nearly 90,000 of them were ensuring they had safe sex with this method.

Dr Anjali Sabne is the head of the bureau and he added the reason for the survey was to see how many people in the area were using family planning methods.

Some 759,509 individuals were interviewed as part of the process in 118 different wards.

For those who are looking to avoid unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, the use of the prophylactic is a good idea.

It comes after the Lusaka Times reported that statistics from the Society for Family Health found 54 per cent of men in the country who are having sex with non-regular partners wear condoms.