Indians 'risking sexual health' by reusing condoms

Individuals from the Indian state of Karnataka are reusing condoms because they cannot get enough of them.

If people do not have access to the prophylactics and decide to have unprotected sex, they could be leaving themselves open to a range of sexual health issues, the Times of India reports.

On top of this, those who choose to recycle their condoms for further use are also at danger, as the effectiveness of the device will be reduced.

D Shankarappa Gonwal, who works for a non-governmental agency in Koppal district, told the paper: "They are used, then washed and dried and offered to gullible clients to be reused."

As a result of the situation that has developed, officials in Karnataka are looking to purchase an emergency supply of the latex product.

It comes after the Universal Access to Female Condoms Joint Programme called on the United Nations to consider improving worldwide access to female condoms.