Iowa health centre distributes free condoms

A campaign in Iowa has seen tens of thousands of condoms handed out to students.

Iowa State's Thielen Student Health Centre has so far given out a total of 50,000 prophylactics in 2012 as part of the Condom Distribution programme, Iowa State Daily reports.

As part of the drive, the facility holds special Free Condom Wednesday and Free Condom Thursday events, in addition to distribution of the products in halls of residence and other departments at Iowa State University.

Rachel Pearson, a junior in accounting at the learning institute, said the initiative shows the health centre cares about students and is helping them stay safe and healthy.

Ms Pearson stated: "It's the most effective way to help all the students here at Iowa State have a good experience all the way through their college years."

The scheme comes after Iowa State was handed 100,000 free condoms by the University of Iowa as part of the Avoid the Stork campaign.