Irish condom habits revealed

Sales of extra large condoms in Ireland could be going through the roof, if the results of a new survey are to be believed.

Conducted by condom manufacturer Durex, the study found that the Emerald Isle is home to a number of somewhat kinky people, with ten per cent having produced a blue movie, 25 per cent enjoying phone sex, nine per cent indulging in bondage and 11 per cent signing up for a menage a trois.

What's more, 44 per cent are perfectly happy discussing sexual fantasies with their other halves, while 40 per cent sit down to watch porn together and 20 per cent either like a bit of role play or spanking.

Durex brand manager for Ireland Miriam Abel said: "As a nation, we're more liberated than ever and not afraid to try new things in - and out - of the bedroom."

However, recent research from The Kinsey Institute indicated that many do not know how to use condoms correctly, with room not being left at the tip or prophylactics being put on the wrong side up - which Irish lovers may want to consider.