Is Durex releasing a pumpkin spice condom?

Lots of people are big fans of autumn. Some love the sight of red, orange and brown leaves on the trees, while others enjoy being indoors with a crackling fire. For many, the thing that excites them the most is actually a drink: the Pumpkin Spice Latte that Starbucks serves each year, which has seen huge success.

It isn't 100 per cent clear why the coffee is so popular, but this flavour drives people wild. It is no surprise that some have been looking to capture some of this excitement in their sex lives, therefore when rumours began to circulate about a pumpkin spice condom people got very enthusiastic indeed.

You read that right: a pumpkin spice condom. An image began circulating on the internet depicting a Durex condom in its wrapper with "limited edition: Pumpkin Spice" and a picture of a pumpkin emblazoned on its front. What a perfect purchase for those who will be staying warm this autumn by sharing a bit of body heat!

Sadly, the rumours are unfounded. Durex's official Twitter account posted: "We've heard talk that we launched a Pumpkin Spice condom. We can't claim this one, but we do love it when people spice it up in the bedroom."

What a shame! That would have been a novelty condom many people would surely have been huge fans of. However, if you're looking to add a bit of flavour to your sex life, there are plenty of other condoms you can pick that will make great autumn treats for you and your partner.

To theme your bedroom exploits around the season, you can look for flavoured condoms that fit with the food and drink you associate with autumn. For example, you could go for a taste like hot chocolate or Irish cream - there are plenty of options available.

Of course, you could always go for something a bit more unusual. Why not buy yourself some bubblegum-flavoured condoms, or ones that taste of fizzy cola? They might not be pumpkin spiced, but they will certainly help you heat up your autumn.