Isle of Man government will not distribute free condoms

Individuals in the Isle of Man may have to buy condoms online after the government revealed it will not be giving away the prophylactic for free.

Health minister David Anderson said that after only one person contracted HIV in the region in 2010, they would not be returning to the policy.

Mr Anderson added: "It is accepted that there is still an issue where education is still required for groups such as 5th and 6th form students and also some more vulnerable groups."

Because condoms are not going to be distributed for free, those who want to make sure of their sexual health will have to pay for them.

Douglas East MHK Brenda Cannell re-iterated that there is no way those from vulnerable groups will be able to get their hands on the barrier devices for nothing.

Students at Points Park University in Pittsburgh were recently told of the importance of looking after their sexual health, the Globe reported.