Isle of Man sex polices to result in higher condom purchases?

Those from the Isle of Man may buy condoms online thanks to the government's policy to teach the islanders.

Health minister David Anderson has told the Isle of Man News that they are looking to "educate and inform" around the issue of sexually transmitted infections.

However, he added those in power would not be taking the step of giving out prophylactics for free to vulnerable members of society, as they are already so widely available.

"We target our efforts and resources on individuals and groups who might be at higher risk - for example, those who are registered with our sexual health services," Mr Anderson added.

Since 2001, there have been 28 cases of HIV diagnosed on the island.

It comes after Douglas East MHK Brenda Cannell said that she wanted to see individuals in the region to be able to get access to the barrier device for nothing.