James Franco reveals name of sex tape lover

James Franco has revealed the name of the girl he made a sex tape with during his younger years.

The Hollywood star - whose film credits include 127 Hours, Spider-Man and Oz the Great and Powerful - told US radio host Howard Stern that his co-star in the video was the actress Marla Sokoloff.

Franco and Sokoloff dated for four years after shooting a movie called Whatever It Takes together in 2000 - and the Pineapple Express star said it is fine to discuss the sex tape now as it was "an innocent thing" and both of the people involved have moved on.

It is unlikely, however, that the wider population will get to know more about the details of the footage - such as whether or not condoms were used - as the actor claimed the clips are not for public consumption.

He stated: "I'll say [her name] because it wasn't anything bad, it was an innocent thing we made for ourselves ... And everybody knows."