Jason Derulo 'has got busy to his own music'

Jason Derulo has admitted his lovemaking may have been soundtracked by his own songs in the past, after opening up in an interview with chat show host Greg James.

Speaking on BBC Three's new programme Staying In With Greg and Russell, the singer revealed his tunes may have provided the backdrop to his bedroom antics on a number of occasions.

When asked by James if he has ever had sex to his own music, the star - whose hit Dirty Talk is currently at number one in the Officials UK Singles Chart - said: "Well it might have popped up on shuffle once or twice."

James also quizzed the 24-year-old on whether or not fans have ever sent him provocative messages because of the Dirty Talk single. Derulo said he has indeed been sent these, revealing some of the messages are so explicit that even he has found them shocking.

He said one was from a lady wanting to make love to him to his music "until the sun comes up".