Jennifer Lawrence owns 'copious amount of sex toys'

Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence has confessed to a rather embarrassing moment when a cleaner found a "copious amount" of sex toys underneath her bed.

The admission came in an interview with Conan O'Brien, in which the star went on to say the wealth of colourful butt plugs were bought for her as a joke.

She explained how she shoved them under the bed out of the way of the cleaner, who found them and elegantly displayed the articles on the actress' bedside table - much to her horror.

In other embarrassing - but equally saucy - news, David Beckham has revealed exclusively to Metro his shame when he was egged on by teammates to perform a raunchy initiation, while gazing upon a picture of United legend Clayton Blackmore.

The act took place early on in his career with the Premier League side. The footballing legend commented: "Everyone had an initiation that you had to go through on the youth team. That was one of the most uncomfortable ones!"